館 藏 編 號 :DV05949
演 出 者:Hamburg Ballett

Title John Neumeier: Death in Venice

DV05949為藍光版Blu-ray Disc ; 全區 ; 16:9 ; PCM Stereo ; 1080i High Definition ; 德語發音(花絮) ; 英法字幕(花絮).


Elegance - The Art of John Neumeier | Death in Venice (Cat.No. 109274 / 109275)John Neumeier’s free adaptation of Thomas Mann’s novella “Death in Venice” for the marvellous dancers of the Hamburg Ballett walks a fine line between astute theatricality and melodrama, between brilliant passages of movement and banal gestures. The primary message is that the life of an artist - even a famous, successful one - can be hell unless he’s in creative touch with his inner child, his emotions. [摘自https://news.imz.at/news/dvd-blu-ray-elegance-a-new-ballet-series- death-in-venice-1977748/]