館 藏 編 號 :DV05974
演 出 者:Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
Title Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater: Chroma - Grace - Takademe - Revelations

全區 ;  NTSC ; 16:9 ; 英語發音(花絮) ; 英德法文字幕(花絮) ; PCM 2.0 DTS 5.0


Alvin Ailey had a life-long dream of creating an African-American dance company that would perform contemporary ballets. In 1958, his dream came true but starting an all-black modern ballet company in segregated America proved to be quite challenging. With perseverance and the collection of raw talent, Ailey’s company had achieved international success by the time of his death in 1989. Star dancer Judith Robinson was his designated successor and ran the American Dance Theater until turning over its reins to its present director, choreographer Robert Battle, in 2011. Lincoln Center’s “Great American Dance” film series provides the four ballets in this Blu-ray Disc that was recorded live in performance at its David H. Koch Theater on June 18, 2015.

Chroma (2006) is a Wayne McGregor creation that combines fluidity and sensuality with very contemporary scores by Joby Talbot and arrangements of music by Jack White of the White Stripes. In this performance, eleven identically clad solo and ensemble dances in matching monochromatic tunics move across a bare stage of shifting monochromatic lighting.

Grace (1999) was choreographed by Ronald K. Brown whose dances are a melange of African, Afro-Caribbean, and contemporary urban styles. Its shifting moods and music are intended to symbolize a journey of personal enlightenment en route to the promised land, with scores contributed by Duke Ellington, Roy Davis, Jr., Paul Johnson and Fela Anikulapo Kuti. The dance opens with a white-clad figure that is the guiding spirit for twelve dancers resembling urban warriors.

Takademe (1999) is a virtuosic solo piece by current company director Battle, based on Indian Kathak rhythms, and that uses Sheila Chandra’s syncopated vocalizations to great effect. In a matter of three minutes an entire universe is created, inhabited, and delivered through physical movements that challenge our notions of what is possible in dance.

Revelations (1960) is the most frequently performed dance in the Alvin Ailey repertory. It is based on the dance company founder’s harsh yet redeeming memories of growing up in Texas and has three sections: “Pilgrims of Sorrow,” “Take Me to the Water,” and “Move, Members, Move.” The music is directly out of the African-American songbook of spirituals, song sermons, gospels, and holy blues. More than a half-century later, the sheer high energy of the finale complete with its stunning encore, “Rocka my Soul in the Bosom of Abraham,” simply knocks it out of the park.

These four performances that must be considered as definitive give viewers ample justification for the enduring success of a unique dance company that is entering its sixth decade of existence. The emotions on display are those of elegant, lithe, and muscular dancers who clearly share Alvin Ailey’s dream and should assure dance aficionados of the company’s bright future.

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Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre 艾文艾利美國舞團 - 舞團。艾文.艾利(Alvin Ailey, 1931-1989)於1958年12月成立,是美國最受歡迎的舞團之一;該舞團於1962年受美國政府贊助到東南亞及澳洲演出,因而奠定了國際的知名 度,隨後1963年參加巴西國際藝術節,1966年參加達卡第一屆黑人藝術節,1968年參加愛丁堡藝術節,由於其精湛的演出而捧回了最佳舞團、最佳編舞 及最佳男舞者獎,從此奠定了艾文艾利美國舞團在美國舞蹈界的基石。

1968年成為紐約克拉克中心的常駐舞團。1969年在布魯克林音樂學院演出,並在1970年至1972年為其常駐舞團。1971年並把舞團首演權給了紐 約市中心劇場,以後舞團每年均定期在紐約巿立表演中心演出,可知其受歡迎的程度。舞團風格多樣性,從古典芭蕾、踢踏舞、瑜珈、西非黑人舞到百老匯風格;演 出的作品帶有編舞者艾文.艾利在其族群的生活體驗、文化祭祀、民族色彩及傳奇故事之風格。

舞團的特色是巧妙的運用了舞者的動力、爆發力、個人特質及體能上的天賦去創造一個舞蹈風格,尤其在白人主宰的舞蹈圈子裡更因其膚色的關係而起了發酵作用, 因此黑人具特質的舞蹈頓時成了模仿的對象,像如今的饒舌歌一般,此外,除了使用黑人馴悍的肢體外,它帶入了人文素材,所以能夠令人更深一層的省思,而非僅 是肢體的傳達。艾文.艾利其一生編了79個作品包含了舞團的創團作《藍調組曲》(Blues Suite)、1960年首演《啟示錄》,後者幾乎成了美國精神的代表作。這些相當成功的作品大都有著非常強烈的戲劇元素散發出的能量和情感,而非是任何 特別的技巧所能代替的。

主要舞者茱蒂絲.詹姆森(Judith Jamison, 1944-),艾文.艾利曾在1971年為其編作獨舞《哭泣》。艾文.艾利死後,她接續舞團藝術總監之職務,使舞團成為少數把舞蹈推廣到大眾的先驅之一, 藉著舞蹈通俗文化方式的語彙去吸引人進入劇場,而去教化觀眾,娛樂觀眾,她讓舞者表現的熱情和爆發力遠超過搖滾歌手及音樂喜劇,因而廣受大眾的喜愛,把舞 蹈帶入另一個世紀。編舞除了艾文本人之外,更有安娜.索可洛(Anna Sokolow, 1915-)、荷西.李蒙(1908-1972)、勒斯特.何頓(1906-1953)、拉魯波維奇.波爾柏密斯(1942-) 等人共襄盛舉。艾文.艾利偶爾也幫其它舞團編舞;如傑費瑞芭蕾舞團、巴黎歌劇院芭蕾舞團、美國芭蕾舞劇團(河,1970);此外其它舞團也曾公演過其作 品;如丹麥皇家芭蕾舞團、倫敦節慶芭蕾舞團等。每年在紐約市中心劇場艾文艾利美國舞團依舊上演著永不落日的舞碼。