館 藏 編 號 :DV05982
演 出 者:sean burn, The Disabled Avant-Garde, Invalid Film Crew等
Title M21 :from the Medieval to the 21st century

英語發音 ; 英文字幕


Produced by DASH (Disability Arts in Shropshire) in collaboration with the Live Art Development Agency, M21 brought together the history of this small Shropshire town with the politics of Live Art through specially commissioned performances by sean burn, The Disabled Avant-Garde, Invalid Film Crew, Noemi Lakmaier, Simon Mckeown, Alan McLean, Tanya Raabe, The Wandering Jew and Ann Whitehurst.

This publication includes the featured artists’ writings and images, commissioned essays by Diana Damian and Emma Geliot and a DVD of films by the Invalid Film Crew from Croatia, created both as part of M21 and as documentation of M21.

"This beautifully designed pack of films, essays and artists’ images is both a reflection on, and an invaluable extension of, M21’s radical intervention into rural life.  I would thoroughly recommend it to any one interested in art, performance art and/or disability art.  Another excellent, and valuable, LADA Publication." 
Dr Paul A. Darke, Outside Centre

“In combination, the essays and DVD leave the performances intangible, an idea. As such, M21: From the Medieval to the 21st Century highlights the immediate and temporary nature of Live Art. One of the main assets of this release is its date: it was published by the end of 2012, and thus can build on a memory of the Cultural Olympiad that is still fresh. Rather than trying to recapture fully one of the spectacular Unlimited commissions, it provides alternative points of view, extends the artworks and creates new art. As such, it does not predominantly offer reflection on the Unlimited commissions, but puts the focus on an expansion of the work.”
Contemporary Theatre Review, 2013

(摘自http://www.thisisliveart.co.uk/publishing/m21-from-the-medieval-to- the-21st-century-1)


現場藝術(英文:Live art),又譯為臨場藝術或即場藝術,是一種非戲劇的表演形式。它源於視覺藝術家對傳統藝術的超越,強調當下的、現場的、真實的、不拘型式的表演,主張每 個人都可以用自己特有的方式來創作。

總部設於英國倫敦的「現場藝術推廣協會(Live Art Development Agency)」為世界知名的現場藝術推動組織。